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Research and Software Development Centre APM (RSDC APM) is one of the leading Russian developers and department of the Bauman Technical State University developed the following automated design systems for manufacturing engineering: APM WinMachine and APM Civil Engineering for construction. These software products are widely used by Russian and foreign companies, organizations and design organizations. CAD/CAE system of APM WinMachine includes graphic tools, databases, strength, dynamic, heat and other analysis tools by means of the finite element method and a set of tools to calculate machines, mechanisms and other equipment with use of original methods and national standards. CAD/CAE automated design system for civil and manufacturing construction is named APM Civil Engineering. It is intended for design of metal, reinforced concrete and wooden structures and their combinations. APM Civil Engineering is certified according to GOST R (the Russian State Standard, compliance certificate # ROSS RU.SP15.Н00327 dd. 15.08.2010).

RSDC APM is dealing with not only development of automated design software for numerous manufacturing engineering and construction facilities, creation of specialized software but also its technical support and training of users how to work with the software. RSDC APM software is successfully used by over 800 companies in Russia and abroad in different industries. About 400 technical universities teach students to use our software.

These systems helped to:

  • Conduct the official Technical Expertise after the accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric power station;
  • Establish the reason of roof collapse at Krylatskoe Indoor Skating Center in Moscow;
  • Conduct the expertise after destruction of the high-way bridge across Desna river in the Smolensk Region during its repair works;
  • Conduct dozens of expertise after destruction of different facilities.

Our software products supported:

  • expert evaluation of engineering performance standards of design solutions for the Skating and Short Track Ice Palace for 12 thousand visitors, a prefabricated construction, Imeretinskaya plain (for Sochi Olympic Games in 2014);
  • technical expertise of dozens of viaducts, bridges and cross-over automobile roads Adler - Alpika – Service (Krasnaya Polyana) (for for Sochi Olympic Games in 2014); etc.

With the help of APM WinMachine our specialists and designers of other companies designed and checked accuracy, strength and stability of hundreds of engineering constructions and APM Civil Engineering is used in manufacturing and civil construction design. APM WinMachine and APM Civil Engineering meet all modern CAE-system requirements such as high level of automated data processing, availability of modern graphic tools, automatic generator of print-through grid and tools for good visualization of results.

Our software has the following features:

  • complete functionality and solutions of design and calculation tasks for machine engineering, instrument-making industry and construction;
  • very simple and intuitive interface;
  • support of Russian standards;
  • a full set of training materials prepared by RSDC APM specialists;
  • a possibility of prompt updating in accordance with individual customer requirements.

APM WinMachine and APM Civil Engineering systems make strength calculations resolving tasks of any dimension with dozens of million degrees of freedom or higher. Faster calculation is mainly achieved due to use of in-house innovation algorithms taking into account all advantages of 64-bit operating systems and multiprocessor computing technologies.

There is similar finite analysis software in the world such as ANSYS, NASTRAN, COSMOS and some other systems. There are no Russian CAE products. But software products developed by RSDC APM are more attractive in terms of their price for Russian and foreign customers then the foreign competitors because they cost much (5-10 times) cheaper.

A distinctive feature of APM WinMachine and APM Civil Engineering from foreign CAE systems is that engineering methods used for their development are based on Russian engineering experience presented in national normative documents such as government standard GOST, construction norms and rules, etc.

In order to create software of this level, RSDC APM specialists worked out perfect numerical solutions for tasks related with finite element analysis, fracture mechanics, strength, stability, proper and forced dynamics and many other engineering tasks.

It should be noted that the suggested Russian CAD/CAE systems - APM WinMachine and APM Civil Engineering offer the possibility not to import similar foreign software which is not only costly but also in English, difficult to learn and to use, does not have qualified support in the Russian Federation and possibility of modification according to requirements of Russian companies.