APM Mechanic

Engineering analysis of machine parts
and mechanisms

Calculation of machine parts and mechanisms

APM Mechanic is a software designed to perform calculations of machine parts and mechanisms, as well as their compounds.

In fact, APM Mechanic is an integral part of the APM WinMachine software, but it can be used as an independent software.

APM Mechanic is built according to a modular scheme, which provides the convenience of its use under highly targeted industrial tasks of mechanical engineering.

There are built interconnections between the computational modules to ensure the automation of solving complex problems, for example, designing a reduction mechanism. In this case, the modules for designing mechanical gears, calculating shafts and bearings work in symbiosis. Information between them is transmitted automatically. At the same time, the designer performs the supervisory cheap replica rolex datejust 116203sdo rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens automatic function and, if necessary, can make corrections at any stage of the calculation process.

All modules are divided into three thematic groups:

  • Graphic tools (2D pre-post-processor);
  • Machine parts and connections (calculations of standard machine parts, mechanisms, as well as their connections);
  • Databases.

User guides are presented as xf factory watch separate documents for each APM Mechanic module:

  • APM Joint — module for calculating and designing connections for machine elements;
  • APM Trans — module for calculating and designing mechanical rotation gears;
  • APM Shaft — a module for calculating and designing shafts and axles;
  • APM Bear — a module for calculating and designing bearing units with regard to their accuracy class;
  • APM Drive — a module for calculating and designing bearing;
  • APM Spring — the module for calculating and designing the elastic elements of machines;
  • APM Cam — CAM calculation and design module;
  • APM Plain — module for calculating and designing plain bearings;
  • APM Screw — module for calculating screw gears;
  • APM Dynamics — module of the kinematic analysis of lever mechanisms;
  • APM Graph — a 2D parametric drawing and graphics editor;
  • APM Base — a module for creating and editing databases.

Product features

Design and Calculation of Compounds:

  • welded various types;
  • bolted connections for all possible types of loading;
  • riveted;
  • rotational part connection with tension;
  • spline connection;
  • key connections.

Designing Bearing:

  • rolling bearings;
  • plane bearings.

Design and Calculation of Mechanical Gear Rotation::

  • external and internal spur gearing with involute teeth;
  • helical gearings;
  • herring bone gearings;
  • bevel gearing with yocan orbit vape pennensets 1700mah standard involute teeth and circular teeth;
  • worm gearings;
  • flat belt transmissions;
  • V-belt transmission;
  • chains.

Check calculation of Shafts and Axles:

  • static calculations;
  • fatigue calculation;
  • calculation of dynamic characteristics.

Rotational Drive Design:

  • gears with fixed axles (cylindrical, bevel, worm, belt and chain);
  • planetary gears of various types.
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Calculation of The Elastic Elements of Machines:

  • design;
  • verification.

Check Calculation of The Translational Motion Gear:

  • gliding screw gears;
  • ball screw gears (with or without preload);
  • planet screw gears.

Cam mechanisms:

  • cam mechanism with roller arm;
  • cam mechanism with flat arm;
  • cam mechanism with roller rocker;
  • cam mechanism with flat rocker;
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