APM Multiphysics

Simulation of heat transfer processes, electromagnetic fields, fluid and gas flow,
strength calculations and design of machine parts

Simulation of physical processes

APM Multiphysics is software for automated calculation and design of structures that allows user to solve various multiphysical tasks.

APM Multiphysics is based on the APM WinMachine software. At the same time, the software implements the necessary interrelations that allow you to perform complex calculations for fluid and gas flows, electromagnetic fields, and electrical circuits.

APM Multiphysics includes all additional calculation options:

  • Composite: calculation of structures made of composite materials;
  • Fracture: design calculation with crack analysis;
  • Fatigue: fatigue rolex daytona 116505 mens 40mm white dial rose gold tone analysis, calculation using random loads;
  • Pipe: using special finite element for pipeline calculations;
  • TopOpt: topological optimization of structures.

APM Multiphysics contains several modules that are divided into five groups:

  • Graphic tools (2D and 3D preprocessor for preparing geometry for calculations);
  • Machine parts and connections (calculations of standard machine parts, mechanisms, as well as their connections);
  • Machine parts and connections (calculations of standard machine parts, mechanisms, as well as their connections);
  • Finite element analysis (analysis of strength, stability, modal, dynamics);
  • Simulation of physical processes (analysis of the flow of liquids and gases, the calculation of electromagnetic fields, the calculation of electrical circuits);
  • Databases.

User guides are presented as separate documents for each module:

  • APM Structure3D — module for calculating the stress-strain state, stability, dynamics of parts and structures by the finite element method;
  • APM Studio — pre- and post-processor for creating models for strength (finite-element) analysis with the ability to import STEP files;
  • APM Joint — module for calculating and designing connections for machine elements;
  • APM Trans — module for calculating and designing mechanical rotation gears;
  • APM Shaft — a module for calculating and designing shafts and axles;
  • APM Bear — a module for calculating and designing bearing units with regard to their accuracy class;
  • APM Drive — a module for calculating and designing bearing;
  • APM Spring — the module for calculating and designing the elastic elements of machines;
  • APM Cam — CAM calculation and design module;
  • APM Plain — module for calculating and designing plain bearings;
  • APM Screw — module for calculating screw gears;
  • APM Dynamics — module of the kinematic analysis of lever mechanisms;
  • APM Graph — a 2D parametric drawing and graphics editor;
  • APM Base — a module for creating and editing databases.

Product features

Simulation of physical processes:

  • stationary and non-stationary thermal conductivity;
  • flow analysis of liquids and gases;
  • calculation of electromagnetic fields;
  • calculation of electrical circuits.

Multiphysical analysis:

  • thermal conductivity;
  • flow of liquids and gases;
  • thermal conductivity + flow of liquids and gases.

Strength calculations:

  • analysis of the stress-strain state (static);
  • resilience;
  • nonlinear analysis;
  • forced vibrations;
  • crack resistance;
  • fatigue.

Design and verification of
machine parts and connections:

  • mechanical gears;
  • shafts and axles;
  • rolling bearings;
  • sliding bearings;
  • elastic elements of machines;
  • cam mechanisms;
  • transfer of translational motion;
  • bolted, riveted, welded joints, as well as connections of bodies of revolution.

Finite Element cheap christian dior clone Mesh Generation:

  • automatic generation of CE nets on surface and solid-state 3D models;
  • constant or variable (adaptive) partitioning step;
    additional the functions of predisintegration of edges and surfaces;
  • manual edit generated Finite Element Mesh
  • work with rods, plates and solids.