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APM Trans

The mechanical transmissions are the main type of transmission mechanisms used to carry energy (movement) from engines and motors to operating elements of various machines and devices. APM Trans performs designing and calculation, generates working drawings of the mechanical transmissions.

Main Features

  • Gearing design
  • Longevity calculation
  • Torque calculation
  • Design with limitations
  • Working drawings generation
  • Gear cutting and meshing modeling
  • External customized database

Transmissions types

APM Trans let perform complex of mechanical transmission design and technological calculations (both design and checking) as well as automatically create working drawing of designed transmission elements. With APM Trans you can calculate all widely used types of transmissions:

Types of transmissions

With APM Trans you can calculate the following types of transmissions:

  • external and internal spur gearing
  • helical gearing
  • herring-bone gearing
  • bevel gearing with standard involute teeth and circular teeth
  • worm gearing
  • belt transmissions
  • chain transmissions

Transmission design

When you make transmission design, you specify the required parameters, such as external load, materials, thermal treatment, kinematic performances, lifetime, etc. Using these data the APM Trans calculates general dimensions of the transmission based on the criteria of tooth bending strength and pitting resistance. To make gear design the following initial data must be specified: output torque, longevity, working conditions, transmission ratio, etc.
You can impose limitations on dimensions of the transmission, for example you can design the transmission with the given interaxial distance, etc.

Force on teeth

 All calculations can be performed both for constant and time variable real loading. Variable load are specified by one of the predefined working conditions and by user defined one. APM Trans proposesl corresponding graphical tools to set any working condition.

Design and cheking calculation are based on following criteria:

  • Cylindrical, bevel and worm gearing calculations are based on contact fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength criteria
  • Chain transmission calculations are based on criterion of chain hinge wear resistant
  • Belt transmission design is based on belt load capacity and longevity

Design with constraints

You can impose limitations on dimensions of the transmission, for example you can design the transmission with the given axial distance, etc. 

APM Trans results

The complete list of transmission parameters are calculated.

  • transmission geometry parameters
  • forces acting on transmission shafts
  • acting stresses and allowable stresses
  • gear wheels quality checking
  • tooth profile
  • working drawing of drive and driven transmission elements

Load capacity calculation

APM Trans let calculate the load capacity of the given transmission (with the known dimensions, material, thermal treatment, etc.). You can do it in one of the following ways:

  • determine the maximum load for the given lifetime of the transmission
  • determine the lifetime for the given maximum load

Gear wheels quality checking

Window for Chord thickness check parameters

The APM WinTrans performs all test calculations in order to check the quality of gear wheels manufacturing, including:

  • Gear face profile parameters checking
  • Test for the constant chord
  • Test for the common normal
  • Test for the chord thickness
  • Roller test
  • Test for the different tooth profiles location
  • Meshing quality test

    Working drawings generation

In the APM Trans you can generate the working drawing of the transmission elements you have designed. APM Trans provides you with the convenient dialog tools for making these operations. The drawing is saved in the APM Graph file format *.agr. Using APM Graph you can make any additions and corrections to the generated drawing, print it out and save it in DXF file format.When working with drawings in APM Trans you can:

  • vary details of transmission construction
  • set the specifications
  • fill in the title block of the drawing, etc.

Fragment of transmission drawing


Mechanical database is used to perform strength and geometry calculation of transmission as well as load capacity and wear resistant calculation. Standard dependent data are stored in the database. This data can be customized to satisfy any industry or enterprise standard using APM Base database managment system. 

Database window

Gear cutting and meshing modeling

Gear cutting modeling is an important part of gear design and is performed by rolling method. This procedure let receive gear tooth profile based on cutting tool and addendum modification.

Tooth form

At the same time it makes possible to control actual size of pinion and wheel teeth. Using APM Trans you can also model teeth meshing that is especially significant for internal gearing where teeth interference is possible. 

Animation of internal spur gearing transmission working

APM Trans as optimization tool

Using our software you can optimize designed gearing by changing initial data, imposing or removing limitations on some parameters (axial distance, module, bandwidth etc.). In that case APM Trans helps you to consider different variants.

Convenient and easy-to-use interface

User interface is fairly straightforward and intuitively clear. You need no more than 1—2 sessions in order to learn to work with APM Trans.