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APM Spring

    Machine elements that have high compliance and minimum dimensions are called elastic elements. They are used as loading devices, as shock absorbers, dissipating energy of the shocks, as devices for the energy accumulation, etc. Elastic elements are of significant importance for the modern machines by increasing longevity of the latter due to the vibration damping and to the resonance frequencies regulation.

Main Features

  • Various springs design;
  • Static and fatigue calculation;
  • Working drawings generation;
  • Adding new materials and correction of the existent.

Entering the initial data for calculation of spring

APM Spring is a system for the calculation and design of elastic machine elements. It allows to perform design and checking calculations and to generate working drawings of elastic elements. Design calculations allow to determine dimensions of elastic elements based on the given external loading and on deformations. Checking calculations allow obtaining strength safety factors depending on the elastic element dimensions.

Types of elastic elements

With APM Spring you can calculate the following types of elastic elements:

  • Cylindrical tensional springs with round and rectangular cross-section;
  • Cylindrical compression springs with round and rectangular cross-section;
  • Cylindrical torsion springs with round and rectangular cross-section;
  • Disk compression springs;
  • Flat rectangular springs;
  • Torsion bars.

The calculation results

Types of elastic elements

C alculations can be made for both constant and variable loading. The calculations are based on the determination of the static strength under constant loading and of the fatigue strength under variable loading. It is possible to perform the finite element analysis of a spring in APM Structure3D module.

 Function editor window and dialog box for material database selected

The working drawing of the calculated spring

Working drawings generation

APM Spring allows generating complete working drawing of the springs and torsion bars. Drawing is created in APM Graph file format and can be exported in DXF format using APM Graph functionality.