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APM Shaft

Shafts are operating as support of rotating parts and transmit rotation moments. They are regarded as one of the main machine elements; thus strong requirements are maded to the manufacturing precision, durability, stiffness, steadiness and vibrations of shafts. APM Shaft let to perform the complete design cycle starting with shaft geometry specifying and finishing with the complete static and dynamic calculation as well as drawing generation.

Main Features

  • Static strength calculation
  • Fatigue calculation
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Working drawings generation

APM Shaft represents software for calculation and design of the shafts and axes. With APM Shaft you can calculate:

  • reactions in the shaft supports
  • diagrams of bending moments and angles of bending
  • diagrams of torsion moments and torsion angles
  • strained state of the shaft
  • stress state under static load
  • fatigue safety factor
  • diagrams of lateral force
  • natural frequency and natural shapes of the shaft

You can save results of calculation as file with *.wsh extension (APM Shaft format), or as file with *.rtf extension (use MS Word for edition it).

Graphic editor

APM Shaft has special graphic editor for setting shafts and axes geometry. The editor puts at user disposal flexible and convenient methods provided for:

  • specifying shaft geometry
  • specifying loads acting on shaft
  • placing shaft supports

The example of shaft in APM Shaft

The main feature of APM Shaft graphic editor is the special set of primitive elements, which it deals with. The primitive elements of APM Shaft are the basic elements of the shaft geometry (cylindrical and conical parts, chamfers, fillets, grooves, holes, parts with threads, keys, splines, etc.) as well as loads that can act on shaft or supports. Such approach simplifies significantly input and editing of geometry of the shaft and of other data required for calculation.  

Fatigue safety factor graph

Calculation methods and criteria

Strained and displaced state of the shaft is calculated by methods of materials resistance. The static strength is evaluated by the effective stresses, obtained by means of the energy method. Dynamic responses, such as natural frequencies and natural shapes, are determined by finite element method.
The calculation of fatigue strength is reduced to the safety factor determination in the current shaft section both for the constant external load and for variable in time load (according to the arbitrary law).

Working drawings generation

In the APM Shaft you can generate working drawing of the transmission elements you have designed. APM Shaft provides you with the convenient dialog tools for making these operations. Using APM Graph you can make any additions and corrections to the generated drawing, print it out and save it in DXF file format. (In order to edits it in other graphics systems).


The unique mechanical database APM MechanicalData and material database APM MaterialData are part of the APM WinMachine system. All the necessary parameters such as shaft material, standard keys and splines dimensions can be taken from these databases.

Third shaft bending natural shape graph under selected frequency