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APM Joint

Elements and units of the machines, mechanisms, and constructions are joined together by means of the special elements or without them, producing new constructions and units as the totality of the smaller ones. There are many ways of element joining and many methods of the calculation and the design of such joints. Different types of machine element joints are used in the mechanical engineering— threaded, welded, riveted, keyed, splined, etc. You can design and calculate all these objects with the APM Joint.

APM Joint main window for selection type of joints

APM Joint is a software for the machine element joints calculation and design. It allows to perform a complex calculation and analysis of the most widely used types of joints. The use of this software reduces design time, increases design reliability and efficiency, helps to select the optimal decision.

 With the APM Joint you can calculate the following joints:

1. Threaded opened and closed joints, with any element arrangement, arbitrary configuration of surfaces to be joined and arbitrary loading. In addition bolts, screws and studs can be calculated as fastening elements under arbitrary external load.

Window for selection joints type for the rotating elements

Window for selection type of welded joints

2. Welded joints with the arbitrary arrangement of seams under the arbitrary external load, including:

  • butt joints
  • tee joint
  • lap joints joints produced by the spot weld
  • rivetted joints of the arbitrary arrangement under the arbitrary plane loading

3. Joints of the rotating elements such as:

  • interference fits of the cylinder and cone shape
  • splined and keyed joints
  • radial and axial pins (gluts)
  • joints with cone rings
  • terminal joints
  • profile joints

APM Joint calculations

The criteria for the threaded joints calculation is the absence of the shearing and the absence of the opening of the conjagate surfaces, as well as the static strength and the fatigue strength; welded seams are calculated for the static and the fatigue strength; rivetted joints are checked for the strength under the constant load.
Either absence of the shearing and non-opening or the static and the fatigue strength of the joint elements or both the former and the latter can be used (depending on the type of the joint) as a criteria for the joints of the rotating elements.

It is possible to create the designed models both in APM Joint editor and in other graphics systems, which support export to *.dxf.

APM Joint calculation results

Besides calculation facilities APM Joint provides user with the functionally complete integrated environment that includes:

  • specialized graphical editor
  • versatile tools for calculation results presentation
  • editable built-in data base
  • dxt files import functionality

Complete integrated environment

APM Joint allows to perform all types of the design and checking calculations. The former includes determination of the joint dimensions for the given loading, the latter — the safety factors calculation.