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APM Drive

Engines are used for providing the motion of the executive mechanism. In most cases the driving gear that transforms the initial rotary movement of the engine into a lower-speed output movement is installed between the engine and the executive mechanism. Single- or multistage drive units combined with belt and chain transmissions are used as executive mechanism. A gearset, as a rule, contains gearings, shafts and rolling-element bearings which are in case and support the shafts. APM Drive is intended for the comprehensive calculation and generation of the design documentation of all elements of the multistage reducer including the assembly drawing.

APM Drive let to perform the design of a gear set namely to get gear and worm geometry, to select suitable shaft size and rolling-contact bearing. Based on design calculation it is possible to generate gearset assembly drawing and drawing of separated elements. Besides paletary gears of most used types can be desiged. Calculation of all drive unit elements can be performed both automatically and with manual corrections depending on intermediate results.

Main features

  • Drive unit design
  • Design with limitations
  • Large number of drive elements
  • Customized database
  • Assembly drawing generation
  • Drawing of drive unit parts generation

The design process of a drive of the rotary movement of the arbitrary structure using APM Drive comes to the determination of kinematic scheme in the special editor, gearset data specifying and the following calculation as well as the result analysis and initial data and results correction. This module works together with the modules of the gear calculation APM Trans, shafts and axes calculation APM Shaft, as well as with the module of the rolling-contact bearings calculation APM Bear. The mechanical database APM Mechanical Data is also used in design process and graphic editor APM Graph is used for drawings of the designed elements.

Kinematics scheme editor

Кinematic scheme editor

Kinematic editor underlies the APM Drive. It is necessary to specify a kinematic scheme of gearset as an initial design step using a special graphic editor. Kinematic scheme specifying means definition of shafts arrangement, gears and bearings mutual positions, gears and bearing type selection. The input and the output of the gear are shown schematically. The number of gearset stages can be arbitrary.

Gears of following types can be used: 

  • gears of all types of the evolving profile (spur, internal spur, helical, herringbone gears)
  • bevel gears with a straight and spiral tooth
  • worm gears
  • planetary gears

Rolling contact bearings of following types can be selected:

  • radial ball bearings
  • double-lined spherical ball bearings
  • radial-thrust and thrust-radial ball bearings
  • thrust ball bearings
  • radial and needle roller bearings
  • double-row spherical roller bearings
  • radial-thrust and thrust-radial roller bearings
  • thrust roller bearings

Using gears and bearings of above types a gearset of arbitrary scheme can be assembled. APM Drive let define geometrical dimensions of the gears and the shafts, and select suitable rolling contact bearings from the database.

Window for correction subdivision of gear stages kinematics parameters 

Drive design process begins with its kinematic scheme (see above) and the basic input/output parameters setting. Subdivision of kinematic parameters of gear stages (transmission ratio, moment and number of the turns) can be made either automatically or manually.

Calculation results – transmission 

Besides the basic gearset parameters the following initial data can be also set:

  • Drive loading mode (constant or variable)
  • Heat treatment of the gears
  • Shafts material
After the pre-calculation you receive gear parameters (such as geometrical dimensions, forces in meshing, cutting and control instrument parameters, etc.; shaft geometry and parameters; types and geometrical dimensions of the rolling contact bearings selected from the database).

Based on pre-calculation results you can specify more exactly the heat treatment of the gear wheels material, and also set some restrictions of their design: module, axial distance, tooth number, helix angle, addendum modification coefficient etc. 

The shaft calculation is performed to ensure safety factor for endurance strength 1,5 – 1,6. Besides such shaft attributes as chamfers, fillets, keyways, splines and similar are not taken into account in the pre-calculation. They should be entered manually on the appropriate shaft segments, according to chosen gear-shaft connection type.  It is required sometimes to specify the shaft diameters for the bearings installation, and also to correct shaft segments, in which the fatigue safety factor has appeared below the required one.

Bearing selection

Bearing selection is performed according to its type, shaft segment diameter and required longevity. If APM Drive fails to find automatically the suitable bearing from the database, you should change corresponding shaft diameter. All necessary parameters are calculated for each bearing of a gearset.

The calculation process in the APM Drive should be restarted after making all required modifications in the drive unit. As a result, the modified drive will be designed taking into account all the modifications.

Calculation results – shaft

Since drive elements’ calculation is carried out with using of the APM Trans, APM Shaft and APM Bear, exhaustive information for each drive elements can be received. The automatic generation of designed drive elements drawings as a parametric models of graphic editor APM Graph format is also provided. 

Calculation results – bearing

The work of APM Drive is concluded with the generation of the assembly drawing of the drive in the APM Graph module. After that the drawing can be corrected and transferred in another 2D graphic editor.

Customized database

Mechanical database is used to perform drive unit design. Standard dependent data are stored in the database. This data can be customized to satisfy any industry or enterprise standard using APM Base database managment system.

Reqiered components for APM Drive:  APM Shaft, Apm Bear, Apm Trans, APM Mechanical Data.