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APM Mechanical Data

Main features

  • numerical data
  • graphical data
  • intergation with APM WinMachine modules
  • quick customization
The database APM Mechanical Data can be logically divided into two parts – the informational and the graphical. The informational database contains numerical data characterizing qualities of the materials, tolerances and interference, as well as kinematic, energy, geometry and the other parameters needed for the operation of the other APM WinMachine modules and for the finding of the information required for the design decision making.

General view of APM Mechanical Data

   Geometric and numerical information is placed in the graphical database. This allows you to perform drawings of the standards details, assemblies, components, etc. With its help one may automate the drawing procedure, fill up the stamp, specification, etc. The graphical database functions together with the APM Graph editor. The models placed in the database are presented in the parametric form. Such presentation allows modifying the objects numerically and with the use of the analytic dependences.
APM Mechanical Data consists of the following parts:

- machine elements of the general purpose;
- design elements;
- rolled-products range;
- materials;
- normal sizes;
- metrological data(classes of the accuracy, surface finish, tolerances and interferences)
- electrical engines;
- elements of the drawing design;
- elements of the hydro- and pneumatic schemes;
- elements of the structural drawing;
- elements of the electrical schemes.

The section “Machine elements of the general purpose” include graphical models and tables of the numerical parameters of the bolts, screws, shafts, bushes, screw nut, reducer body, bearing, oil indicators, glasses, rotation gears, washers, splines, split pins, keys, sprigs, screw nails, etc.

Design elements are regarded as standard dimensions for drawing of grooves, cavities, chamfers, etc.

The database has sufficient information about the mechanical characteristics of the materials.

The section “Normal sizes” has the table of the normal linear and angular dimensions as well as conical parameters. The selection is held from the normal lines with the denominators Ra5, Ra10, RA20, and Ra40.
The section “Classes of the accuracy, surface finish, tolerances and interferences” stores the metrology information.

Graphical and numerical information about the engines of the different execution is in the section “Electrical engines”. When using the section it is possible to make drawings of the different engine’s projections in the arbitrary scale.
The sections devoted to the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic elements schemes include notation conventions of the elements that can be used to make all possible specialized schemes. These schemes are placed and scaled comfortably on the drawings.
Formats, stamps, specifications and others atributes needed for the design of the technical documents are placed in the section “Elements of the drawing design”

The APM Mechanical Data is the foundation, without which the operation of the APM WinMachine system is impossible, as it contains the information necessary for the normal operation of the other modules included in the APM WinMachine.
APM Mechanical Data is developed in such a way that it can maintain several standards. The partners of the Research and Software Development Center APM LTD perform customization of the database for national standards. They realize as well the distribution of the software products under the APM WinMachine brand name abroad. Besides any user of the APM WinMachine system can fill on her own, for example, manufacturer or branch standards needed for the speeding-up of the engineering documentation design.


  The high level of the automated design allows us to raise essentially the speed of the project development due to the to use of the databases. Usually the details and the assemblies of the previous developments as well as standard elements are used when designing new equipment. For the realization of these possibilities, it is necessary to provide storage and a quick exchange of the design decisions of the previous developments and standard elements. In the system APM WinMachine this function is performed by the informational and graphical database APM Mechanical Data. It is arranged in the form of the separate module and is intended for the efficient preparation of the engineering documentation due to the application of the parametric models of the standard elements and of the assemblies.