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X64 version is available now!!!

APM Structure 3D. Strength and dynamic analysis of structures, parts and assemblies by finite element method

1.    Updated representation of the stress map in the rod elements cross-section.

2.    New representation of support reactions is added - arrows of different colors, the direction and scale depending on the reaction values at the node.

3.    Color display of layers of materials, sections and loads are added on the toolbar "Current settings". It is also possible to control interactively the display of layers and load cases, and to change the color of the layers, materials, load cases as well.
4.    The possibility of entering the leaders on the diagram of rod force factors is added

5.    New options of system autosave and recovery after program improper shutdown are implemented.
1.    Static calculation by substructures
2.    A new solid element  type ? high-order solid element (10-noded tetrahedron)  for static, non-linear buckling and modal analysis is implemented.
3.    New solvers (FEAST, Lanczos) for buckling analysis. “Determinant roots” algorithm is significantly optimized for speed.

4.    A new solver for physical nonlinearity based on the theory of flow is added.
5.    Extended set of user defined parameters is implemented for fatigue calculation.
6.    Fatigue calculation according to the calculation of forced oscillations is implemented for stochastic load curve.
7.    A number of quality checks for plate and solid finite elements is added
8.    New calculation option to take into account cross-section shear center for beam elements.
9.    One-direction supports calculation
10.    Thermal strain calculation of a given temperature field at any time from non-stationary heat transfer analysis.
11.    New material type - composite material (for shell elements).

12.    Expanded functionality for the material properties(variable list of material properties appeared)

APM Studio
Pre-and-postprocessor of 3D solid and shell models for finite element analysis

1.    A new solid element type in mesh generator ? high-order solid element (10-noded tetrahedron).
2.    A new shell element type in mesh generator – 4-noded shell element.
3.    There are additional finite element mesh options: "taking into account the curvature of the borders" and "4-noded-dominant mesh.

4.    Multicore technology for tessellation is implemented.
5.    Multicore technology for meshing is implemented.
6.    New "Cut by Plane" mode for solid mesh cutting is added to control the quality of solid mesh.
7.    New command to place leaders in the result map.
8.    New "Cut by Plane" mode for solid result map cutting is added to see the results "in depth".

9.    New result map representation in the form of contours (intersection of isosurfaces).

10.    New result map representation in the form of one isosurface.
11.    User interactive  tune of result map borders
12.    Import of Autodesk Inventor files - *.ipt; *.iam.