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The RSDC APM team informs all users that APM WinMachine new official version 10.2 was released. This new version will be presented at the annual User Forum 2012. Mass mailing of the new version to users who are subscribed to intermediate maintenance will start at the end of December 2012.

Download a free trial of APM WinMachine v.10.2. The improved release of the new version:

APM WinMachine 2010 v. 10.2 New Features and FUNCTIONALiTY

APMStructure 3D

Strength and dynamic analisys of parts and structures by finite element method
New analysis type - transient heat analysis. Available features
Initial and boundary conditions: Analysis results:

1. Initial temperature
(for surface and volume)

2. Constant temperature
(for surface and volume)

3. Heat flow
(for surface and volume)

4. Solid heat source

5. Heatpointmass

6. Convection

7. Radiation
1. Temperature, heat flow, temperature gradient maps for calculated time point

2. Animation of temperature, heat flow and temperature gradient map changing on time.

3. Vector fields of temperature, heat flow, temperature gradient for calculated time point

4. Animation of temperature, heat flow and temperature gradient vector field changing on time

Accelerated Buckling analysis by high-speed linear equations solver.
Accelerated Geometrical Nonlinear analysis by high-speed linear equations solver.
Geometrical Nonlinear analysis is enhanced. Now large displacements with finite rotations are available.

New material types. Orthotropic and Anisotropic materials were added for shell and solid elements.

New style toolbars and menu with toolbar manager. It let you customize and manage toolbars appearance.
EnhancedSelectionmode. Object selection by circular frame is added as well as “Unselect” command.
New algorithm of result color map rendering adopted for huge models is implemented.
So called Restart Manager is integrated for safe application work. It let to recover current application state after abnormal termination or critical error.

APM Studio

Pre-and-postprocessorof 3D solid and shell models for finite element analysis
Some enhancements in STEP files import.
New cutting by plane mode (working plane tool). The function is actual for applying loads to internal hidden faces.
Host objects highlighting is added by selection of loads and fixations in assembly tree (faces, edges, shells, solids)

More results are added in Eigen Frequency and Buckling results dialogs to synchronize them with APM Structure3D.